2050 HF SSB transceiver


The Barrett 2050 is a versatile and rugged 1.6 MHz to 30 MHz, 125 W PEP, field proven HF transceiver that can be easily configured to customers' exact operational requirements.

The Barrett 2050 provides all common modes of HF transmission, all currently used Selective Call formats, MIL-STD 188-141B Automatic Link Establishment, and a new generation, simple to operate, Frequency Hopping option.2050 HF transceiver

The 2050, housed in a lightweight, extremely strong sealed aluminium chassis, meets MIL- STD 810G for drop, dust, temperature, shock and vibration. 

Teaming the 2050 transceiver with other 2000 series products provides email, fax, telephone and data connectivity within an HF network and onwards to both the international telephone network and the internet. 

2050 Features

>> Configuration flexibility 
>> Selective Call 
>> Direct dial telephone calls 
>> Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) 
>> Frequency hopping option 
>> "Secure Call" 
>> HF email, fax and data 
>> SMS pagecall 
>> GPS tracking 
>> Digital signal processing (DSP) 
>> Simple architecture 
>> BITE - built-in test equipment 
>> Programming by IR or serial port 
>> Second antenna connector 

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