2050 Wireless control HF transceiver


"The time and complexity to install HF transceivers into vehicles has been significantly reduced with the introduction 

of the Barrett 2050 Wireless control HF transceiver".

-Wireless handset with LCD display
-Wireless speaker
-Optional GPS receiver incorporated within the 2019 automatic tuning mobile antenna 

The protocol between the handset, speaker and the HF transceiver RF module is 

proprietary and not based on any current wireless protocols such as Bluetooth© and 802.11.
This protocol and the spread spectrum frequency selection are specifically designed to operate in high RF environments from HF through to VHF and UHF. 

The handset can be removed from the vehicle by the authorised operator disabling the use of the HF transceiver when unattended. For fleet use a security tethering cord is supplied to avoid the unit being removed from the vehicle. The handset has internal batteries (not user replaceable to preclude easy removal) and is charged by the mounting cradle that comes in two parts enabling mounting on a dash top or a dash vertical face. 

Following installation and on initial power up the HF transceiver RF module automatically 'pairs' the speaker and handset to itself with a unique security code. This ensures that if vehicles are operated in close proximity their respective wireless links do not interfere with each other.

2050 Wireless control HF transceiver features

>> Compact water-resistant 
>> No cabling required 
>> Only requires a power supply between 10 and 18 VDC 
>> Operation and display identical to 2050 control heads 
>> Up to seven metres 
>> Multiple speakers supported