About Us

Micro Electronics International (Pvt) Ltd


Historic Overview

Prior to 1981 ELMAC now MICRO was engaged in semiconductor manufacturing / packing operations. At that time it was the first electronics manufacturing company in Pakistan. In 1981, Ministry of Defense acquired and leased the facility as MEI (Pvt) limited to support the production of military radios. It functioned as public-private partnership. In 1991 the company was sold to current owner with 100% ownership. It is serving the military / government sector by providing radio systems along with its other ventures with multinational manufacturers for local defense and strategic requirements.


Purpose of Establishment

The basic purpose was to carry out research and development for production of high-tech telecommunication equipment for the local military requirements. Acquisition of high-tech telecommunication systems from developed countries to bridge the technological divide was also an option MICRO successfully availed and integrated into its Umbrella from time to time. Research, Development and Manufacturing telecommunication equipment and systems. Development of human resource and provision of job opportunity to scientists, researchers, engineers and skilled manpower. Provision of in-country technical support and after sale services by maintaining adequate stock of spares and trained resources.



To become leading ‘Solution provider’ with in house capabilities of developer, manufacturer and system integrator of high-tech electronics & telecommunications equipment/systems for military and commercial deployments in Pakistan and abroad.



Develop electronic equipment and systems with local or /and foreign support to meet or exceed the requirements of customers. Carry out manufacturing, assembly/testing and integration of equipment to provide quality products and systems. Enhance the marketing and sales activities to continuously improve the revenue generation. Provide adequate technical support and services for the satisfaction of our customers. Provide appropriate administrative and organizational support to operational elements of MEI.